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Our History .

The passion for coffee is a legacy of our great-grandparents Liberato Fajardo and Vicenta Sabillón who began to produce coffee on small plots at the beginning of the last century, later my grandparents José Salomón Fajardo Sabillón and his wife Adriana Bueso Paredes continued with the tradition, giving it a turn to its production oriented to commercialization, founding back in 1949 the company Comercializadora "Tienda y bodega La Confidencia" one of the most notable of the time since it had commercial relations with renowned companies in the Central American region such as: H de Sola, a leading Salvadoran company in the commercialization of coffee and Beneficio Chimizales here in Honduras. This is how the idea of founding the company Inversiones Jerusalem arises to continue with the legacy and heritage of our ancestors.  

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